Volume 50, Number 5 (2012)

Feature Articles


A Model for Evaluating eXtension Communities of Practice
Kathleen D. Kelsey and Eric T. Stafne


A Look Inside: Self-Leadership Perceptions of Extension Educators
Kristina G. Ricketts, Hannah S. Carter, Nick T. Place, and Teresa McCoy


Iowa Consumer Motivations and Preferences for Agritourism Activities
Melissa S. Norby and Michael S. Retallick

Research in Brief


North Dakota Leadership Training Boosts Confidence and Involvement
Lynette Flage, Marie Hvidsten, and Rachelle Vettern


Equine Owner Knowledge and Implementation of Conservation Practices
Jennfier M. Marriott, Amy Shober, Paul Monaghan, and Christine Wiese


Women Farmers: Pulling Up Their Own Educational Boot Straps with Extension
Nancy Ellen Kiernan, Mary Barbercheck, Kathryn J. Brasier, and Carolyn Sachs


Information Sources and Farmers' Attitudes Toward Switchgrass Production as a Biofuel Feedstock
Adrienne E. Marra, Kimberly L. Jensen, Christopher D. Clark, and Burton C. English


Assessing Extension Educators' Needs for Homeowner Pesticide Use and Safety Information
Colleen S. Church, Wayne G. Buhler, Lucy K. Bradley, and Ronald E. Stinner


The Potential of Other Crop and Livestock Enterprises to Replace Tobacco: Perceptions of U.S. Burley Producers
Maria Paula Mendieta, Margarita Velandia, Dayton M. Lambert, and Kelly Tiller

Ideas at Work


4-H Teen Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Lynette Black and Pamela Powell

Tools of the Trade


Educating Idahoans to Make Their Own Estate Planning Decisions
Lyle Hansen, Beverly Healy, Karen Richel, and Marilyn Bischoff


A Feasibility Template for Small, Multi-Species Meat Processing Plants
Rodney B. Holcomb, Kyle Flynn, and Philip Kenkel


Consumer-Centered Extension Education Website Increases Usage
Sarah L. Francis, Peggy Martin, and Kristin Taylor


FlowersOnTime: A Computer Decision-Support Tool for Floriculture Crop Producers
Paul R. Fisher, Erik S. Runkle, Matthew G. Blanchard, and John E. Erwin


Ripple Effect Mapping: A "Radiant" Way to Capture Program Impacts
Debra Havens Kollock, Lynette Flage, Scott Chazdon, and Nathan Paine


A Statewide Train-the-Trainer Model for Effective Entrepreneurship and Workforce Readiness Programming
Nia Imani Fields, Manami Brown, Alganesh Piechocinski, and Kendra Wells



JOE's Niche in the Extension Scholarship Movement
Nancy K. Franz and Celia E. Stovall