Volume 50, Number 6 (2012)

Feature Articles


Characteristics of Innovations: Lessons Learned From a Statewide Mandatory Implementation of the Animal Health Network
Lori L. Moore, Theresa Pesl Murphrey, Shannon H. Degenhart, and Tom A. Vestal


Pilot Study: A Guide to Equine Welfare Assessment
Taylor A. Fabus, Karen Waite, John Shelle, and Janice Siegford


Steps Toward Creating and Validating an Evidence-Based Couples Curriculum
H Wallace Goddard, James P. Marshall, Jonathan R. Olson, and Steven A. Dennis


Extension Efforts to Restore Bottomland Oaks Requires Knowledge of Both Trees and Soil
David Mercker, Ryan Blair, Don Tyler, and Arnold Saxton

Research in Brief


Extension's Online Presence: Are Land-Grant Universities Promoting the Tripartite Mission?
Shannon Arnold, Alexandra Hill, Nikki Bailey, and Courtney Meyers


Social Media in Diabetes Education: A Viable Option?
Julie Cooper, Jill N. Cox, and Marilyn A. Corbin


Profiling H-2A Program Participants in Tobacco Farming: Implications for Extension
Jane H. Starnes, Shiferaw T. Feleke, Harwood D. Schaffer, and Kelly J. Tiller


Technical Feasibility of Small-Scale Oilseed and On-Farm Biodiesel Production: A Vermont Case Study
Emily J. Stebbins-Wheelock, Robert Parsons, Qingbin Wang, and Heather Darby


Poultry Farmers' Willingness to Participate in Energy Audits
Kimberly L. Jensen, Roland K. Roberts, and Burton C. English

Ideas at Work


"Apps"—An Innovative Way to Share Extension Knowledge
Joseph S. Dvorak, Tanya C. Franke-Dvorak, and Randy R. Price


Using Digital Classrooms to Conduct 4-H Club Meetings
Patricia West, Nicholas E. Fuhrman, A Christian Morgan, and Dennis W. Duncan


South Carolina's Model for Initiating Hispanic 4-H Clubs
Robert Lippert and Kellye Rembert

Tools of the Trade


Using On-Line Bulletin Boards to Gather Preliminary Information
Kathleen Kelley, Ramu Govindasamy, and Jeffrey Hyde


Increasing Response Rates to Web-Based Surveys
Martha C. Monroe and Damian C. Adams


Mixed-Mode Surveys: A Strategy to Reduce Costs and Enhance Response Rates
Daniel Tobin, Joan Thomson, Rama Radhakrishna, and Luke LaBorde