Volume 47, Number 5 (2009)

Feature Articles


Creating the eXtension Family Caregiving Community of Practice
Debra M. Sellers, Andrew B. Crocker, Allison Nichols, Sarah D. Kirby, and Mary Brintnall-Peterson


Extension Educators Can Use Internet GIS and Related Technologies
Dreux J. Watermelon, Elaine Andrews, and Suzanne Wade


Google Earth Dissemination of Soil Survey Derived Interpretations for Land Use Planning
NJ Hamilton, B Mijatovic, TG Mueller, BD Lee, B. W. Kew, Cetin Haluk, and Anastasios D. Karathanasis


Building Public Issues Education Capacity to Address Health and Wellness: Recommendations from a Survey of Extension Professionals
Shirley Gerrior, Leslie Beckstrom, Bonnie Braun, Helen Chipman, Amanda Drescher, Linda Drake, Thomas Fungwe, and Deborah Young


Social Networking Among Youth: How Is 4-H Represented?
Emily Rhoades, Jerold R. Thomas, and Annie Davis


Communication Barriers to Family Farm Succession Planning
Matthew S. Kaplan, Jon F. Nussbaum, Craig Fowler, and Margaret J. Pitts

Research in Brief


Catalyzing Transformation: Conditions in Extension Educational Environments that Promote Change
Nancy Franz, Barry A. Garst, Sarah Baughman, and Chris Smith


Ecological Principles—A Unifying Theme in Environmental Education
Michael T. Mengak, Holly E. Rutledge, and Barbara McDonald

Ideas at Work


Crop-O-Rama: Exposing Youth to Educational and Career Opportunities in Agriculture
Kurt D. Thelen, Karen A. Renner, and Lawrence Copeland


Engaging Citizens to Urban Nutrient Planning of Lawns within a Nutrient Sensitive Watershed
Steven G. Hefner, Clay Robertson, Adam Coulter, and Gene Stevens


Outreach to the Woody Biomass Industry in Minnesota
Mike Demchik, Diomedes S. Zamora, and Dean Current


Energy Education Ideas that Work
Sarah D. Kirby, Amy G. Chilcote, and Autumn H. Guin

Tools of the Trade


Using Appreciative Inquiry to Advance Extension
Joey Peutz and Michael Kroth


Planning Aids: Tools to Ensure Volunteer and Event Successes
Ken Culp III, Glenda Sherrill Bentley, Chad Conway, and Diane Kelley


Financial Incentive Programs for Non-Industrial Private Forest Owners Web Site
Michael A. Kilgore, Steven E. Daniels, Michael G. Jacobsen, and John L. Greene