Volume 44, Number 1 (2006)

Editor's Page


Editor's Page
Laura Hoelscher


JOE by the Numbers 2005
Laura Hoelscher


Feature Articles


Simple, Low-Cost Data Collection Methods for Agricultural Field Studies
Richard T. Koenig, Marlon Winger, and Boyd Kitchen


A Partnership for Health and Safety of Farm and Ranch Families
Linda S. Boeckner, Gloria Gross, Sue Chaulk, and Patricia Ramsey


Extension's Role in Homeland Security: A Virginia Perspective
John “Rusty” H. Miller, Robert Grisso, and Michael Lambur

Research in Brief


Beneficial Science Teacher Training
Joseph Konen and Robert L. Horton


Oregon Extension Volunteers: Partners in Action
Marjorie J. Braker, Janice R. Leno, Clara C. Pratt, and Deana Grobe


Consumer Trust in Extension as a Source of Biotech Food Information
Enefiok Ekanem, M Mafuyai-Ekanem, Fisseha Tegegne, and Safdar Muhammad


Direct Marketing Edamame (Glycine max [L.] Merrill) to Professional Chefs
Dru N. Montri, Kathleen M. Kelley, and Elsa S. Sanchez


Use and Evaluation of a Statewide 4-H Volunteer Newsletter
Bruce P. Zimmer, Joyce A. Shriner, and Scott D. Scheer

Ideas at Work


Maintaining the Relevance of an Extension Data Center
Jose Reynaldo A. Santos and Diann M. Mitchell


Food Pantries: Food and Nutrition Education in a Non-Traditional Setting
Angela Miyamoto, Lindi Chun, Naomi Kanehiro, and Claire Nakatsuka

Tools of the Trade


Computer-Based Instruction: Getting Started in Freshwater Aquaculture
D LaDon Swann, Sharon Katz, Russ Merzdorf, and Jane Brown


We Identified Issues Through Stakeholder Input--Now What?
Scott R. Cummings and Chris T. Boleman


Journey to Successful Collaborations
Linda Strieter and Lydia B. Blalock


Volunteer Recruitment Packets: Tools for Expanding Volunteer Involvement
Ken Culp III, Amy E. Aldenderfer, Lynette A. Allen, and Sarah G. Fannin-Holliday