JYD Spring 2024 Issue Published

JYD Spring 2024 Issue Published



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Good day JYD Readers,

The Journal of Youth Development (JYD) has published its latest issue at https://tigerprints.clemson.edu/jyd/vol19/iss1.

This issue features research on youth perceptions of safety within Positive Youth Development programs, revealing insights into how physical, psychological, and spiritual safety contribute to a sense of confidence and purpose among participants. Another article examines volunteer leaders' satisfaction and turnover intention in the 4-H program, highlighting the need for enhanced support and professional development. A third article discusses the impact of afterschool programs on elementary students' social-emotional competencies, particularly in light of challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, a study on diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies in summer camps sheds light on current practices and areas for improvement. Finally, a study on storytelling as a pedagogical tool explores its role in promoting critical positive youth development and enhancing youth voices.

We are immensely grateful to the authors who have chosen JYD as the platform for their scholarly work, as well as to the reviewers who have generously contributed their time and expertise to JYD through their service. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (NAE4-HYDP) and the National Afterschool Association (NAA) for their sponsorship and guidance.

We extend our thanks to the JYD community, as well as to our readers and visitors, for actively engaging with the journal as a valuable resource for exploring the study and practice of youth development.

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Barry A. Garst


Journal of Youth Development

JYD Spring 2024 Issue Published