Summer 2023 Issue of JYD Published

Summer 2023 Issue of JYD Published



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Good day JYD Readers,

The Journal of Youth Development has published its latest issue at

This issue’s Feature Article addresses how organized out-of-school time (OST) activities like summer camps can provide enriching experiences for youth, fostering positive development and promoting socio-emotional learning, resilience, and academic outcomes. However, access to high-quality summer programs remains unequal, and efforts to create inclusive programming and address staff perceptions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at a national level have been limited.

Three Research and Evaluation Articles are also highlighted in the current issue. The first study delves into the rising popularity of mentoring programs, their transformative potential, and the need for further research to understand their efficacy and underlying factors. The second article sheds light on the adverse effects of low family SES on cognitive development and risky behaviors in young individuals, emphasizing the importance of cognitively stimulating resources and community support for positive outcomes. The third study showcases medical specialty camps as a pivotal development setting, nurturing growth in traits and qualities that hold enduring value throughout life.

We extend sincere gratitude to the authors who selected JYD as the platform for their scholarship and to reviewers who contributed to the quality of JYD through their service. We further acknowledge NAE4-HYDP and NAA for their sponsorship and guidance.

Thanks to the JYD community and our readers and visitors for engaging with the journal as a place to explore the study and practice of youth development.

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Barry A. Garst


Journal of Youth Development

Summer 2023 Issue of JYD Published