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Effective research translation and science communication are necessary for successful implementation of water resources management initiatives. This entails active involvement of stakeholders through collaborative partnerships and knowledge-sharing practices. To follow up a recent study with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)–funded Center for Oceans and Human Health and Climate Change Interactions (OHHC2I) project investigators, the center’s Community Engagement Core (CEC) documented center partners’ science communication practices and needs to inform a collaborative training and improve investigator-partner bidirectional communication. Thirteen (13) individuals participated in 10 semi-structured qualitative interviews focused on their research translation needs, science communication and dissemination tactics, and interactions and experiences with scientists. Based on our findings, we recommend a collaborative, scientist-stakeholder training to include plain language development, dissemination tactics, communication evaluation, stakeholder and intended audience engagement, and strategies for effective transdisciplinary partnerships. This work contributes to the knowledge and understanding of stakeholder engagement practices specifically focused on science communication that can enhance relationship-building between academia and partners involved in environmental health–focused initiatives in the context of South Carolina but applicable elsewhere.





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