About This Journal


The Journal of South Carolina Water Resources is an annual peer-reviewed journal dedicated to scientific research and policy on all aspects of water management to prepare for and meet the growing challenge of providing water resources for the sustainable growth of South Carolina’s economy, while preserving its natural resources.

ISSN 2334-4962 (online)
ISSN 2334-4954 (print)

The aim of the Journal of South Carolina Water Resources is to provide a forum for peer-reviewed articles focused on South Carolina's water resources, with the goals of influencing science-based management decisions and heightening awareness. We encourage authors to consider this forum as an outlet to communicate information and results from their work on advancements in water science, policy, management, and law pertaining to South Carolina and the Southeast. Basic experimental and discovery science, policy analysis, developments in water and environmental law, management issues, as well as case studies, are welcome submissions to be considered for publication in the Journal. South Carolina is a water-rich state, and as our population and economy continue to expand, access to reliable and clean water resources is critically important for the resiliency, health, and well-being of South Carolinians. Wider knowledge and awareness of the issues is of utmost importance to protect and make the most of our water resources.

Dawn Anticole White, dawnw@clemson.edu


  • Submittals are to be related to South Carolina water resources.
  • There is an 8,000 word limit for full articles (using 10.5 point font in Times Roman) approx. 20 pages; this includes tables and figures. A half-page sized table or figure is equivalent to 200 words; a quarter-page figure or table is 100 words.
  • For those authors who may not have a full study but would like to submit content for new ideas or topics, recent advances, or significant matters related to South Carolina water resources, JSCWR now accepts short communications. Short communication submittals are concise articles, usually no longer than 2,500 words, that introduce impactful research or topics and provide explanation for why dissemination of the information prior to a full study is beneficial.
  • Articles should be submitted as PDF files and have line numbering inserted. Please view the formatting and style guidelines at this link.
    Submittals with the same work that was submitted as a manuscript for the proceedings of a past South Carolina Water Resources Conference should not contain more than 1/3 of the information presented in the conference manuscript.

    Acceptance into the review process does NOT mean the article will be published, rather it means the author’s submitted manuscript will proceed through a mandatory peer-review process with an appointed editorial committee member and guest reviewers.

    Limited print copies of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 issues are also available for $8 each. Please visit the South Carolina Water Resources store on Clemson Marketplace.