Volume 48, Number 3 (2010)

Feature Articles


Education in the Face of Controversy: When Water and Politics Mix
Teresa Welch and William S. Braunworth Jr


Assessing Awareness of Water Quality: Comparing Convenience and Random Samples
Linda Stalker Prokopy, Alicia Molloy, Aaron Thompson, and Don Emmert


Online Project Mapping with Researcher Community Input
Amr Abd-Elrahman, Mary Duryea, Michael Dix, and John Perry


Engaging the Engagers: Implications for the Improvement of Extension Work Design
William S. Weyhrauch, Satoris S. Culbertson, Maura J. Mills, and Clive J. Fullager


Public Perceptions of Using Woody Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source
Richard R. Plate, Martha C. Monroe, and Annie Oxarart

Research in Brief


Farmer, Agent, and Specialist Perspectives on Preferences for Learning Among Today's Farmers
Nancy K. Franz, Fred Piercy, Joseph Donaldson, and Johnnie Westbrook


Participants' Attitudes, Opinions, and Beliefs of a Physical Activity Program in West Virginia
Mia Erickson, Krista Hodgkiss, Jennifer Key, and Guen Brown


Assessing Ground Safety Knowledge of North Carolina 4-H Horse Program Participants
Courtney H. Beck, John Rayfield, Jim Flowers, and David Jones


Education Needs of Michigan Farmers
Muari Suvedi, Eunseong Jeong, and John Coombs

Ideas at Work


Participatory Evaluation with Youth Leads to Community Action Project
Carolyn Ashton, Mary E. Arnold, and Elissa E. Wells


Environmental Project Provides Work Experience for Rural Youth
Amy L. Meier, Marilyn Smith, and Janet Usinger


Virginia's Link to Education About Forestry (LEAF) Program
John F. Munsell, Jennifer L. Gagnon, Scott Barrett, and Ellen Powell


An Email Model to Answer Consumer Questions During Times of Staff Shortages
Alan Majka, Beth Calder, Jane Conroy, and Louise Kirkland


Kite Aerial Photography as a Tool for Remote Sensing
Jeff Sallee and Lesley R. Meier

Tools of the Trade


Rural Coverage Bias in Online Surveys?: Evidence from Oklahoma Water Managers
Christopher N. Boyer, Damian C. Adams, and Joshua Lucero


Wheat Stocker Decision Tools
Eric A. DeVuyst, Francis Epplin, Derrell Peel, and Gerald Horn