Volume 48, Number 2 (2010)

Feature Articles


A Formative Evaluation of the Cooking with a Chef Program
Margaret D. Condrasky, Sara G. Griffin, Patricia Michaud Catalano, and Christine Clark


Explore Your World: Professional Development in an International Context
Amy Harder, Alexa Lamm, and Pete Vergot III


Factors Affecting Teen Involvement in Pennsylvania 4-H Programming
Bart E. Gill, John C. Ewing, and Jacklyn A. Bruce

Research in Brief


Information Sources, Learning Opportunities, and Priority Water Issues in the Pacific Northwest
Robert L. Mahler, Mike Gamroth, Pat Pearson, and Fred Sorensen


Does the General Public Know the Extension Service? A Survey of Ohio Residents
Cäzilla Loibl, Florian Diekmann, and Marvin T. Batte


Lawn Management Practices and Perceptions of Residents in 14 Sandpit Lakes of Nebraska
Sarah Sewell, Dennis McCallister, Roch Gaussoin, and Charles Wortmann


Evaluation of an Electronic Horse Owner Newsletter
Krishona Martinson, Elizabeth Gilkerson Wieland, and Tom Bartholomay


A 5-Year Look at Cotton Coverage by the Texas Print Media
Courtney Gibson, Cindy Akers, Alyx Oshel, and Erica Irlbeck


Opportunities for Planned County-Based Wildlife Programming
Andrea M. Kleist, Christopher E. Moorman, Christopher S. DePerno, and Robert E. Bardon

Ideas at Work


Stewardship as a Means to Create Organizational Reform: A View into Minnesota 4-H Youth Development
Jennifer A. Skuza, Dorothy M. Freeman, Tamara J. Bremseth, and Shirley A. Doering


University of California Program to Evaluate Water Quality Management Practices at Cooperating Agricultural Sites
Salvatore S. Mangiafico, Julie P. Newman, Donald J. Merhaut, and Ben Faber


Community Mobilization Model Applied to Support Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Jacque Miller, Ann Bruce, Kimberly Bundy-Fazioli, and Christine A. Fruhauf

Tools of the Trade


The Wiki as a Time-Saving Mentoring Tool
Joanne Kinsey, Jenny Carleo, Barbara O’Neill, and Nicholas Polanin



How Culinary Nutrition Can Save the Health of a Nation
Margaret D. Condrasky and Marie Hegler