Volume 42, Number 1 (2004)

Editor's Page


Editor's Page
Laura Hoelscher


Feature Articles


ORIGINS: A Valuable Web-Based Resource for Community Economic Development
Suzette Barta, Michael D. Woods, Robert Dauffenbach, and Jeff Wallace


Micro Business Use of Technology and Extension's Role
Glenn Muske, Nancy Stanforth, and Michael D. Woods

Research in Brief


Using Technology to Link Researchers and Educators: Evaluation of Electronic Conferencing
Ted G. Futris, Francesca Adler-Baeder, and Katherine J. Dean


School Enrichment: An Investigation of the Degree, Impact, and Factors for Success in Colorado
Suzanne M. Tochterman, Jan B. Carroll, and Douglas L. Steele


Youth Perspectives on Food Safety
Lisa A. Guion, Amy Simonne, and Janice Easton


Agricultural Biotechnology Training for Extension Educators
Susan Fritz, Sarah Ward, Patrick Byrne, and Deana Namuth

Ideas at Work


Developing a National Web-Based Learning Center for Natural Resource Education
Samuel W. Jackson, George M. Hopper, and Wayne K. Clatterbuck


An Effective One-Hour Consumer-Education Program on Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior Toward Functional Foods
Brenda Killackey-Jones, Roseann Lyle, William Evers, and Marlene Tappe


Rediscovering the Potential of In-Depth Training for Extension Educators
Millie Ferrer, Anne M. Fugate, Daniel F. Perkins, and Janice Easton

Tools of the Trade


Learning in Place Using "Common and Comfortable" Technology
Susanna Coppernoll and Barbara Stone


Agriculture Environmental Management Information System: An Online Decision Support Tool
John D. Harrison, Shreyas S. Kanade, and Aditya H. Toney


NASD: The National Agricultural Safety Database--An Important Tool for Safety Programming
Carol J. Lehtola, Jeffrey S. Nelson, and Charles M. Brown