The Journal of Extension (JOE) is the flagship journal for Extension education.

As of January 1st, 2021, the Journal of Extension is published by Clemson University Press.

As we enter JOE's sixtieth year, we are excited to announce a significant change to our submission policies: Beginning with issue 60(1), word count limits for most submission categories will be increased. We hope that this will allow authors the chance to more fully explore important topics in Feature Articles and Research In Brief submissions. We also remain committed, of course, to providing concise, practical articles in the form of Ideas at Work and Tools of the Trade submissions. Commentary submission guidelines have not changed. The word count limits for each category are as follows:

Feature Article: Up to 5000 words

Research in Brief: Up to 3000 words

Ideas at Work: Up to 2000 words

Tools of the Trade: Up to 1250 words

Commentary: Up to 1500 words (no change)

Prospective authors are invited to view the full submission guidelines by visiting the link in the sidebar.

Current Issue: Volume 62, Number 1 (2024)

Feature Articles


How to Build Community Networks and Resources Necessary for a Successful 4-H Program
Daniel P. Collins, K. S. U. Jayaratne, and Shannon McCollum


Exploring Land-grant Institution Partnerships to Better Serve Audiences
Carol A. Roberts, Kenya N. Washington, Alicia Betancourt, Holly Abeels, Dreamal Worthen, and Martha Monroe


South Carolina Master Naturalist Program Evaluation: A Mixed Methods Approach
Susan T. Guynn, James H. Blake, Nathan Nemire, and Joe Bible

Research in Brief


Extension Mentors: What They Do and What They Need
Amy Harder, Karlibeth Leitheiser, and Olivia Caillouet

Ideas at Work


Extension Professionals Support Agricultural Education Career Awareness
Rebecca Mott, John Tummons, Jon C. Simonsen, D.A. Cletzer, Jaelyn Peckman, and Seth Plaugher


California 4-H Computer Science Education Pathway
Steven M. Worker, Roshan Nayak, and Fe Moncloa


BeefSD: An Integrated and Intensive Extension Curriculum for Beginning Beef Cattle Producers
Krista A. Ehlert, Amanda D. Blair, Stacy Hadrick, and Ken Olson

Tools of the Trade


The Key to Coding Qualitative Data: Examples from the 4-H Youth Retention Study
Sarah Hensley, Janet Fox, Missy Cummins, Meggan Franks, Marianne Bird, Cindy Wells, and JoLynn Miller