We describe and evaluate a Training of Trainers seminar organized by the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) in Washington, D.C., that pioneered a hybrid mode of delivery. In one of two back-to-back events, each lasting 1-and-a-half days and including some 10 participants, videocon¬ferencing was used to allow online participation by seven interpreter educators together with a diverse group of on-site participants, including three signed language interpreters. After presenting the background and content of the course, we introduce the physical and technical setup and discuss the various challenges in ensuring communicative interaction among all participants. Drawing on a video recording of the sessions and a feedback survey administered online immediately after the event, we examine the hybrid-mode seminar for perceptual conditions, communicative presence, group interaction, and personal learning outcomes for on-site as well as remote participants. Our findings show that hybrid-mode delivery of this type of seminar is challenging but viable and offers new opportunities for Training of Trainers courses, particularly in times of restricted contacts and travel.


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