Call for Manuscripts

Rolling Deadline


The International Journal of Interpreter Education (IJIE), published by the Conference of Interpreter Trainers, is a refereed journal specializing in the education of spoken and signed language interpreters to promote dialogue through evidence and practice-based research.

We are currently looking for submissions for future volumes (2 per year).

Content Sought

Interpreter Education and Training

  • History of the profession
  • World perspectives, philosophies and practices
  • Curriculum
  • Lesson plans and activities
  • Learning environments
  • Student psychological and social factors
  • Testing, assessment, and evaluation

Interpreting Practice

  • Education to practice gap
  • Internships and mentoring
  • Teaching ethical decision making
  • Testing, assessment, and evaluation

Interpreting Research

  • Findings of interpreter research
  • Research frameworks and disciplines
  • Theory to practice
  • Teaching research

Second Language Learning

  • Second language acquisition theory and models
  • Curriculum
  • Language and culture
  • Language activities
  • Team teaching
  • Testing, assessment, and evaluation

Programming and Administration

  • Program administration and institutional issues
  • Program philosophy and design
  • Faculty
  • Accreditation
  • Student entry and exit competencies
  • Language Labs
  • Generalist and specialist education
  • Program Assessment
  • Distance education

Educational Theory

  • Adult education
  • Educational models

Journal Sections

Regular volumes (2 per year) can contain any of the following sections:

  • Research Articles – Theoretical evidence-based articles that present findings from research on, or related to, interpreting education and training.
  • Commentary – Practice-based presentations of reflections on educational practices and teaching activities that provide meaningful advancements in the processes of preparing future interpreters, maintaining the skills of current interpreters, or promoting the professional development of practicing interpreter educators. This section also welcomes original reviews of books, curricula, or resources that may be of interest to interpreter educators and trainers.
  • Open Forum – Publishable interviews with leading scholars, transcripts of debates or presentations of case studies that extend our understanding, and analyses of trends in interpreter education and training.
  • Student Work – Featuring aspiring interpreter education scholars, this section highlights graduate students' research projects related to interpreter education. This section encourages interpreter educators studying in Master's or Doctoral programs to share their work alongside established scholars in the field.
  • Dissertation and Thesis Abstracts – Abstracts of Master's theses or Doctoral dissertations related to interpreter education.


See Notes for Authors for specific requirements for submitting a manuscript for publication consideration. Manuscripts that do not conform to submission requirements will be returned to authors.

If you have any questions, contact the Editors at .