Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)

Clemson’s Graduate Student Government is proud to present the annual Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS). GRADS showcases the innovative and outstanding work of Clemson’s graduate students while promoting the studies being conducted in the arts, humanities, sciences, and engineering. In addition, the event provides an opportunity for students to enhance their presentation skills and disseminate their research to those outside of their discipline.

2019 GRADS Flyer

2015 GRADS Program Book

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2013 GRADS Program Book


Submissions from 2013


In Silico Modeling the Effects of Missense Mutations Causing Snyder-Robinson Syndrome and Rescuing the Effects by Small Molecules Binding, Zhe Zhang, Charles Schwartz, Virginie Martiny, David Lagorce, Yoshihiko Ikeguchi, and Maria A. Miteva


Surface Shape Perception in Volumetric Stereo Displays, Meng Zhu