Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Digital Production Arts

Committee Chair/Advisor

Anthony Summey

Committee Member

Eric Patterson, Co-Chair

Committee Member

David Donar

Committee Member

Anthony Penna


In the face of modern media, it is inevitable that certain cultural art forms will fade in popularity. Some may even fade out of existence altogether. However, there are continuous efforts to reframe these cultural gems in contemporary forms to preserve them for the younger generations. Digital media, such as animation and video games, provide the perfect vehicle to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary. This paper investigates how storytelling practices have been carried through time and the creative ways they have evolved in the face of an ever-changing mediascape.

To support this research, I present a narrative in storyboard form that borrows stylistic elements and techniques of Chinese opera. The Beijing and Sichuan opera substyles were specifically chosen for their dramatic presence, vibrant costuming, and Sichuan opera’s face-changing act known as bian lian.



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