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A Review of Yeats 150


Sandie Byrne


This collection commemorates 150 years since Yeats’s birth in 1865 but celebrates more than the man and his work. It is appropriately dedicated to Seamus Heaney, himself an insightful and accessible Yeats scholar, and its subjects include the Yeats family, prizes named for Yeats, prize-winning poems, Yeats-related places, in˜uences, personal recollections, and the Yeats International Summer School, in addition to the corpus of Yeats’s work. It is truly international, bringing together writers from Australia, Canada, Hunga-ry, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Essayists include poets, scholars, students, and teachers, among them some of the most notable voices in contemporary criticism: Helen Vendler, Denis Donoghue, Warwick Gould, James Pethica, Anne Margaret Daniel, Deirdre Toomey, Colin Smythe, Peter Kuch, Ann Saddlemyer, Lucy McDiarmid, Bruce Stewart, Martin Mansergh, and the late Daniel Albright.