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Journal of Experiential Education





Background: Both national park (NP) interpretation and place-based education (PBE) approach learning by applying the unique attributes of a place to facilitate meaning-making experiences within learners. Despite the similarities between these two place-centered pedagogies, there is a limited amount of collaboration between NP interpretative services and school systems engaged with PBE. Purpose: Within this integrative review, my purpose is to fully consider both NP interpretation and PBE to present a comprehensive understanding of the two types of pedagogies. Methodology/Approach: Following an integrative review methodology, I use three different databases to access relevant empirical and theoretical articles. I evaluate and analyze each article separately, then methodically integrate the two place-centered pedagogies. Findings/Conclusions: There are some key similarities between ideologies and epistemologies, goals, approaches to learning, and content matter of NP interpretation and PBE. There are also considerable differences relating to perceptions of learning, the incorporation of the local setting, and the role of the community. Implications: A collaboration between the National Park Service (NPS) and place-based educators has the potential to open up a wealth of possibilities when it comes to learning about and caring for the rich ecology, history, and culture of a given place.



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