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International Journal of Science Education





This design-based research study examined the first two cycles of development, enactment, analysis, and redesign of the Power of Data (POD) Facilitation Academy. Professional Learning and Development (PLD) providers’ geospatial technology (GST) skills, understanding of programme principles, preparation, and stages of concern for implementing POD Teacher Workshops were investigated. The POD Team analysed previous POD PLD models. Using these results, the POD Academy and Guide were developed, enacted, and revised. Two cohorts (n = 28) participated in the POD FA designed to prepare PLD providers to implement POD Teacher Workshops and to support teachers in learning to enhance an existing lesson via the integration of GST and Geospatial Inquiry. Data sources included surveys, daily debriefs, observations, performance assessments, and interviews. The qualitative data were analysed using inductive analysis conducted by two coders to reach agreement on codes and emerging themes. Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics. Analyses informed the redesign and modification of the POD Academy and Teacher Workshops. Findings provide deeper insight into the needs and concerns of PLD providers in implementing PLD for science teachers. Furthermore, this investigation sheds more light on the selection and preparation of PLD providers as programmes seek to scale PLD.


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