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This study describes how district science coordinators supported teachers and implemented professional development in their districts following participation in the Science Coordinator Academy. This qualitative descriptive case study comprised three district science coordinators from three districts in a mid‐Atlantic state, as well as principals and teachers from those districts. Data sources, including observations, surveys, artifacts, and interviews, were analyzed using the framework method (Gale, Heath, Cameron, Rashid, & Redwood, 2013). District context, science coordinator background, and collaboration were salient factors that influenced coordinator practices and coordinators’ abilities to impact teacher change. We hypothesize that the development of a coaching relationship, facilitating collaboration among teachers, utilizing the characteristics of effective professional development, and promoting reflection through modeling and feedback may be the most important reflection‐growth model of instructional leadership (Blase & Blase, 1999) practices for science coordinators to enact when working with teachers.


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