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Journal of College Science Teaching


National Science Teaching Association


With an overwhelming amount of research and a demand for collaborative learning in the classroom, teachers are tackling challenges at all educational levels that often accompany the social aspects of group work. Team-Based Learning (TBL) is an instructional sequence that shifts instruction from teacher lecture to small-group learning. Through the use of teams and social learning, students are actively engaged and learning through critical-thinking tasks. College students can take responsibility both for their own learning and for each other as learners and fellow human beings. TBL allows the instructors to design opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know and can do in the classroom with the content. This study qualitatively examines students’ perceptions of the pedagogical strategy TBL in an undergraduate science course. TBL practices enabled instructors to prepare students for classes in advance and assist students in deeply learning the material through application of course concepts, allowing them to solve interesting, complex, and real-world problems that are relevant to the teaching profession.


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