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The emergence of awareness of sign language and deaf culture in Iran has brought attention to the need for language rights within the deaf communities of Iran. Deaf Persian/Iranian women face a unique and challenging situation, experiencing oppression on two fronts: gender and being deaf. These women aspire to achieve their dreams but often encounter restrictions imposed by Iranian society. This study focuses on the narratives of two deaf women, highlighting their journeys, overcoming obstacles to advance themselves in society, and striving for equity, independence, and self-determination. The story of Katayoon Guity showcases her journey as a successful artist, while Farzaneh Soleimanbeig’s story revolves around her contributions to linguistics and her advocacy for deaf education. Their experiences encompass various aspects, including childhood, education, and employment, showcasing their determination to break barriers. They inspire us with their resilience and shed light on the transformative power of sign language in Iran. Their life stories encapsulate their dedication to enhancing the welfare of the deaf communities of Iran and paving the way for a more inclusive society.



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