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The creation of a permanent museum at Gallaudet University in 2007 constitutes a historic milestone in the Deaf community, showcasing Deaf people by understanding and embracing their diversity and differences. As with the larger society, the Deaf community has its share of people of color and those with additional disabilities. This article will show there are lessons to be learned on realizing and achieving a more inclusive exhibit. Subject to discussion is the exhibition on Deaf women that was found both impactful and challenging at the same time. It was in 2015 that an exhibition entitled Deaf HERstory was first pursued, bringing the heritage of Deaf women to a broad audience. Developed and led by women, the exhibition ended in 2018, teaching thousands of Gallaudet community members and visitors about Deaf women’s history. As successful as the project was, there remains room for improvement with greater considerations for people of color and those with additional disabilities in both the planning stages and the exhibit’s content.



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