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Understanding Food Policy Councils: Lessons for Extension Partners
Gail Feenstra, Clare Gupta, David Campbell, Jennifer Sowerwine, and Katherine Munden-Dixon


Factors Influencing Latino Participation in Community-Based Diabetes Education
Sarah L. Francis, Amber Noteman, and Ruth Litchfield


Are You Ready to Flip? A New Approach to Staff Development
Connie S. Burns and Mary M. Schroeder


Bridging Formal and Informal Learning Environments
Bradley S. Barker, Kim Larson, and Michelle Krehbiel


Pinterest for Parent Education
Brianna Routh, Sara Langworthy, and Hannah Jastram


Job Satisfaction in the North Dakota State University Extension Service
Bill Hodous, R Brent Young, Mari L. Borr, and Rachelle Vettern


Making a Dollar per Square Foot: Dream or Reality?
Oluwarotimi Odeh and Jewel Hairston


Over the Hurdles: Barriers to Social Media Use in Extension Offices
Elizabeth Newbury, Lee Humphreys, and Lucas Guess


The Cooperative Extension System's Use of USDA's Online Food and Physical Activity Tracker–SuperTracker
Nobuko Hongu, Cathy L. Martinez, Natalia N. Billias, and Melissa A. Wyatt


Utility of On-Farm Research Reports
Harold D. Watters and Wm. Bruce Clevenger

*Updated as of 08/01/21.