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Introducing shared automated vehicles (SAVs) should lead to several societal benefits, but both automated vehicles (AVs) and ridesharing must overcome barriers to acceptance. Previous research has investigated age differences in ridesharing usage and factors influencing acceptance of AVs. We investigate age differences in how two online introductory videos (educational or experiential) affect anticipated SAV acceptance. Participants in three different age groups were randomly assigned to watch 1.) an educational video about SAV technologies and potential benefits, 2.) an experiential video showing a SAV navigating traffic, 3.) both the experiential and educational videos, or 4.) a control video explaining how current ridesharing services work. Attitudes toward SAVs were measured pre- and post-video(s). Significant differences were found between video conditions relative to the control video, and between age groups. Findings suggest that educational and/or experiential videos delivered in an online format can modestly improve viewers’ attitudes toward SAVs— particularly older adults’.