2011 Explore 30 Camp Reading Program Impact Report

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American Camp Association


The Explore 30 Camp Reading Program is a national initiative created by the American Camp Association (ACA) to target youth literacy in camps. The specific goal of Explore 30 was to build organizational capacity (and align advocacy efforts) around summer reading and literacy. In the summer of 2011, 218 day and resident camps across thirty-six states signed up to participate in Explore 30 — serving more than 360,000 youth. Camps integrated Explore 30 into their camp sessions through either structured or unstructured reading opportunities supported by Explore 30 reading materials. A formal summative evaluation was conducted through a paper-pencil camper survey with 591 youth (out of 741 total youth primarily between the ages of three and thirteen) from seven camps that received specific grant support and an online director/staff survey of forty-seven directors (out of 218 total directors) to identify program outcomes.