2009 Camp2Grow Impact Report

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American Camp Association


Camp 2 Grow, funded through Lilly Endowment Inc., is an initiative created by the American Camp Association (ACA) to encourage and teach leadership skills among youth in nature-based settings. In the summer of 2009, twenty-four day and resident camps completed the Camp 2 Grow program,serving approximately 840 male and female youth. Camps served youth from five major metropolitan areas: Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, and Los Angeles. Youth completed lessons in the following core leadership areas: Leadership, Character, Teamwork, Building Relationships, Taking Risks and Getting Results, Problem-Solving, and Planning. Youth also conducted an environmental stewardship activity and were challenged to use their leadership knowledge and skills to complete environmental stewardship projects in their camps, homes, or communities. A formal summative evaluation was conducted to identify program outcomes including an end-of-program camper survey and camper journaling.