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International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education


International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning


The purpose of this study was to explain how participation in an international service-learning project during a community health course influenced transcultural self-efficacy of baccalaureate nursing graduates following graduation and their subsequent clinical practice. A qualitative, explanatory case study was used to conduct telephone interviews with 14 nursing graduates, who had previously participated in international trips to Ecuador or Guatemala. A constant comparative analysis revealed themes related to increased self-efficacy in the cognitive, practical, and affective learning dimensions of cultural competence. Additional themes focused on the importance of experiential learning, the provision of culturally congruent care, and a commitment to international service. The findings indicate that service-learning promotes social growth while providing opportunities to increase self-efficacy during cultural encounters with diverse populations. Nursing graduates were able to provide culturally congruent care as a result of their increased transcultural self-efficacy.


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