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Terminal Project

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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture

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Dr. Robert Hewitt

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Dr.Matthew Powers

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Jessica Fernandez


This research aims to examining the effects of healing gardens for elderly people in nursing home settings. At present, the theories and applications of healing gardens have been widely accepted by the United States, western countries and Japan. However, there are many issues remain to be solved regarding health care facilities designed for elderly people. For example, by providing a pleasant outdoor space, an environment can strengthen the link between caregivers and elderly patients; to alleviate their dread and despair; and to decrease patient's dependency on physical therapy. This thesis proposes improvements to promote the quality of life of the elderly people. First of all, this study introduces the general background of nursing homes and life quality of the elderly as well as analyzing the deficiencies of environmental design in nursing homes. It illustrates the characteristics of nursing homes and the detail design for each characteristic in order to evaluate whether the healing gardens are significant for elderly people in nursing home setting. Project site addresses the basic information of Healing gardens at Wesley Woods Tower, Atlanta, GA,USA. Research methods used in this study is case study.

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