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Terminal Project

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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture

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Dr. Martin Holland

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Dr. Hyejung Chang

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Dr. Thomas Schurch


The inclusion of public art on campuses is a largely untapped opportunity for universities. The common goals and aspirations of public art often overlap with those of the campus environment or campus landscape. Both public art and the campus landscape aim to provide opportunities for students to interact, engage in thoughtful discourse, and contemplate ideas. This study explores the many facets associated with the siting of works of public art in campus landscapes as well as the potential for public art to deliver a message. Through studying the role of public art on university campuses, the placement of public art in the campus landscape may be better informed. It is hoped that this study will be a source of inspiration for a group on campus to explore the potential for a public art trail on campus that refl ects on the history of sites on campus, while also providing opportunities for local artists and students to showcase their work.