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Terminal Project

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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture


Brownfield restoration is one of the products, which result from the developing and spreading of urbanization. As the vacant brownfield former industrial activities more or less brought pollution on site and left the scar for the land, there are health risks, aesthetic affect, reduce the surrounding land values and other issues. In response to such environment threats, the study mainly focuses on ecological restoration processes to heal the polluted land and recreate an enjoyable place and living environment for human activities. The goal of the study is to provide guidelines for how to merging ecological functions with recreational activities in order to create a wonderland on former wasteland. The study addressed the ecological restoration knowledge, brownfield redevelopment process, as well as recreational opportunities in waterfront park through the literature, and more exploration from the case studies of six parks that redeveloped from brownfield. Gathering the study results from both literature review and case studies to apply to the design process and offfering the clear understand of merging the ecological functions with recreational activities into the process of brownfield restoration.