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Terminal Project

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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture


Dr. Matthew Powers

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Dr. Martin Holland

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Paul Russell


This study focuses on public space, specifically the social interaction between users and how stairs can facilitate this human dynamic. The study analyzes the successfully designed public spaces, unique stairs throughout the world and how the combination of these two can create a once underutilized space into a thriving place. Specific sites have been analyzed through various lenses to attain information in regards to stairs being the main site feature and how these can encourage human interaction. Additionally, how various researched design elements are implemented on a site in Atlanta, Georgia with stairs being the influence. The site and surrounding areas are studied in regards to potential for high use and interaction. The goal of this study is to present design solutions and guiding principles to create a once underutilized public space into a thriving public arena for social interaction through redefining the idea and view of stairs.