Date of Award


Document Type

Terminal Project

Degree Name

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Planning and Landscape Architecture


Prof. Umit Yilmaz

Committee Member

Dr. Clifford Ellis

Committee Member

Prof. Arthi Rao


Belfast, Northern Ireland is a city with a strong industrial past as well as a history of social turmoil. As with many European cities, Belfast traditionally has turned its back on its river. Recent years have seen attempts to develop waterfront spaces, but a severe lack of connectivity prevents many valuable amenities along the river from being used to their potential. Many possible linkages also exist between the River Lagan and adjacent neighbourhoods, parks and other important amenities. This project explores connectivity around the river system, from the standpoint of visual, physical, environmental and social networks. Proposals for connection methods will also be described in the final design.

Historically the River Lagan has divided east from west, Loyalist from Republican, and has also served as an industrial and commercial artery, particularly at its mouth. Now, the Lagan shows great promise in connecting Belfast to itself and to its many amenities and greenspaces. This project has the objective of illustrating a connected network of public spaces that will benefit all the citizens of Belfast through better circulation, recreation and employment opportunities. The proposed network will also provide a wildlife habitat network within the city limits that is at present incomplete.

This project attempts to define connectivity issues along the urban waterfront in Belfast, and present design ideas for correcting those issues so that a loop of connectivity will be created around the river edge. Ideas will also be presented for integrating adjacent neighbourhoods, green spaces and amenities (such as city centre) to the river. The River Lagan is to serve as a central linkage and neutral public space for the entire city.