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Terminal Project

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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture


Thomas Schurch

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Barry Nocks

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Hyejung Chang


Complete Streets refers to a national movement that promotes street and road designs accommodating all users. Typical components of a complete street accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, motor vehicles and trucks. In America, as well as across South Carolina, there is an increased awareness of the environment and how our habits and decisions can positively or negatively affect area waterways, wildlife, and air quality. Bike to Work Day and Walk to School Day are just two national efforts that get people out of their cars and into their communities, so as to become more physically active and to reduce their impact upon air pollution. In this project, the researcher selected 3 different streets in Greenville to redesign by complete street design tools. Firstly, the researcher conducted onsite analysis and literature review to establish the cultural significance of the selected site and city. Then, case studies in the United States and Europe were used to help frame strategies that these cases could be employed to increase the safety and convenience for all users. Finally, a series of design aiming to support the concept of complete street and showing how those streets could be transferred into public places or green spaces.

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