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NAWCC Bulletin


National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Inc


The elegance of the Atmos clock and the curiosity of mankind in self-operational mechanical systems have propelled this time device into our collective desire for more knowledge. The search for a self-winding time piece, based on normal atmospheric fluctuations, was pursued for centuries by horologists with the well-known clock proposed by J. L. Reutter and commercialized by Jaeger LeCoultre. This clock has generated numerous discussions throughout the years as noted in past Bulletin articles and other correspondences within the time keeping community. In this paper, the operating principles of the Atmos clock will be reviewed using fundamental science and engineering principles. Next, key questions and experimental observations will be discussed in light of the operating concepts to clarify the clock’s performance. Finally, an extensive database will be introduced which was gathered through physical measurements and data recording of an Atmos 540 clock.


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