Date of Award


Document Type

Terminal Project

Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)


City and Regional Planning


Cliff Ellis, Ph.D.

Committee Member

Stephen L. Sperry


Development principles begin with the inner structure and patterns of a settlements core, and livability results from these patterns; controlling these patterns are design and planning. The City of Travelers Rest, South Caro-lina, currently contains a development pattern that is not conducive to walkable/livable community standards and does not meet the criteria for sustainability. The down-town has a street pattern that is discontinuous and irregu-lar; buildings are dwarfed by large streets and irregular forms; the public realm is inefficient; land uses are seg-regated and are not efficiently placed; and is completely automobile dependent. The City needs a master plan that can set a standard for downtown development that will repair these problems and create a walkable and livable downtown that supports population growth anticipated over the next thirty years.

The following study provides the City of Travelers Rest with a master plan that develops the downtown area in a manner that brings people into the downtown area, supporting Main Street business; providing jobs and housing for a growing population; creating a walkable and livable downtown area; preserving rural hinterlands; and complimenting the improvement plans of the City. The study is based on the population statistics of Green-ville County and the design revolves around the City’s comprehensive plan, utilizing existing assets as catalysts for design. The final master plan contains an illustrative master plan, showing land uses, building placements, and street design. A form-based code ensures the plans development success.