Livestock and Forages


Estrous Synchronization in Heifers

Publication Date

Summer 8-8-2019

Publication Number

LGP 1007


Significant genetic improvements can be achieved through artificial insemination (AI). AI has greatly enhanced the US cattle industry. Slow adoption of AI by beef producers has been well documented. Estrous synchronization is a tool that is commonly used in tandem with AI and may be used to synchronize either estrus or ovulation. Synchronization can help offset some of the labor and time commitments associated with heat detection, facilitating the breeding of multiple heifers in a short time period, reducing labor needs, and shortening calving intervals. This publication is designed to illustrate various options to synchronize estrus in beef cattle heifers. Producers should us this publication as a guide, but consult local Extension Agent for further information.

Publication Type

Technical Brief

Target Audiences

producers, farmers, ranchers