Livestock and Forages

Insect Pests of Alfalfa in the Southeastern United States

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Tim Bryant is a PhD graduate student in PES in CAFLS. Tim is also the assistant coordinator of the IPM program lead by Francis Reay-Jones.

Clemson Extension Program Team

Livestock and Forages / Agronomic Crops

Publication Date

Summer 7-15-2022

Publication Number

LGP 1149


This publication provides information about important insect pests of alfalfa in South Carolina and surrounding states in the southeastern United States. Descriptions of the insect pests, scouting procedures, and management recommendations are presented. This information will be useful to producers of alfalfa or anyone, such as crop consultants, examining and managing the crop regularly during the growing season when insects are important.

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Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension

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Clemson, SC

Target Audiences

Producers, crop consultants, farm managers