The Effects of Consortia Membership on Library Planning and Budgeting

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Publication Date

Fall 1999

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Library Administration and Management


American Library Association


The Consortium of Rhode Island Academic and Research Libraries (CRIARL) was convened in 1971 in response to the threat of inflationary and budgetary pressures that might limit or reduce library services, and CRIARL has undertaken many cooperative projects in its 25 years of existence. However, it was formed during a period of high inflation for the purpose of reducing bugetary pressures. Libraries now find themselves facing budgetary pressures from demand for new technologies concomitant with tradtional services, and this raises several questions about whether CRIARL membership has affected resource allocation among its libraries; whether it has affected library planning as it relates to selection of materials, preservation, and/or fundraising; and whether it has made member libraries better for their users. Presents a literature review and results of a study of CRIARL conducted to determine the answers to these questions.