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Advances in Preventive Medicine and Health Care


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This descriptive case study examines the value of multi-level partnerships to foster a Building a Healthier Community (BHC) process in a low-resource community in the Dominican Republic. Partnerships developed for this BHC project were categorized under the Global Health Education Framework. Partners included a U.S-based university (trans-territorial partnership), a Dominican university, and various governmental, non-governmental, and community organizations in the Dominican Republic (territorial partnerships). Las Malvinas BHC project is an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to community health and well-being improvement that supports community members’ efforts and at the same time promotes participating students’ global health competence. Strategies, methods, the value of community-institutional partnerships, lessons learned, challenges and opportunities are discussed. Partnerships facilitated identification of public health priorities and strategies to improve community’s health and well-being. Lessons learned included the importance of engaging community member’s voices and talents, the value of building relationships based on trust, the relevance of community capacity building, the role of the government in achieving outcomes in a low-resource context, and the importance of incorporating community assets in the process. Important challenges included a continuous availability of governmental funds and resources, community members’ time constraints and changes in community structure. Opportunities included the value of partnerships in promoting the exchange of assets, theories, and innovation in order to identify and begin remedying social determinants of health affecting Las Malvinas. Process outcomes resulting from this project demonstrate the value of mutually beneficial community-based participatory research and intervention alliances at the territorial and trans-territorial dimensions.


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