Welcome from the New JYD Editor-In-Chief; Invitation to Join JYD Mailing List

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Welcome from the New JYD Editor-In-Chief; Invitation to Join JYD Mailing List



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As the new Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Youth Development (JYD), I am pleased to introduce myself and share an important update about the journal.
I’m currently a Professor of Youth Development Leadership (YDL) at Clemson University and coordinator of youth development academic programs. I teach graduate courses in leadership, program evaluation, employee/volunteer management, and a course examining nature as a developmental setting. I also conduct applied research focusing on critical and emerging issues facing the out-of-school time community of youth, staff, parents, alumni, and program providers, with an emphasis on summer camp research.
JYD has recently undergone compelling changes in its mission, vision, and methods of operation. Our association with Clemson University Press as our new publishing partner, the adoption of bepress Digital Commons as our new platform, and the formation of a new editorial board have placed us in an excellent position to further our dedication to connecting youth development research and practice, and incorporating diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in our peer review process. As we move into a new phase for JYD, I am excited to collaborate with the editorial board; the JYD Publications Committee; the JYD Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee; and our sponsoring organizations--The National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals and the National Afterschool Association. Following the transition to Clemson, we invite all members of the JYD community (authors, reviewers, and others wishing to engage with the journal) to join our mailing list at https://tigerprints.clemson.edu/jyd/announcements.html, particularly those whose contact information may have recently changed. In addition, individuals wishing to write or review for JYD may be required to create an account when making a submission or responding to a review request. To create a bepress account, follow these steps: 1. Go to the JYD website at https://tigerprints.clemson.edu/jyd. 2. At the top of the page, click on “My Account.” 3. Click the Sign Up link on the login screen. 4. Enter the requested information, including your preferred email address, first and last name, and password. 5. Click Create Account. 6. Go to your email account and look for a confirmation email from noreply@bepress.com 7. Click the confirmation link in the email you received. (If you don’t receive an email, check your spam folder or contact bepress Consulting Services at support@cs.bepress.com for additional help with completing your account setup.) More information about these recent changes will be shared in JYD’s forthcoming first issue of 2023, which is slated for release in late March.
Barry A. Garst Editor-in-Chief Journal of Youth Development

Welcome from the New JYD Editor-In-Chief; Invitation to Join JYD Mailing List