Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)

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Introduction: Telehealth is a growing service delivery model in clinical genetics and genetic counselling. Despite its popularity, telehealth genetic counseling (TGC) is often not incorporated into prenatal genetic services. Methods: A literature review was conducted to identify peer-reviewed, original research articles, that examined the psychosocial implications of prenatal TGC. The PubMed database was used with the following key terms: “Telehealth Genetic Counseling”, “Prenatal Genetics Telehealth” and “Telegenetics”. Results: The search returned 82 articles; only five articles assessed the psychosocial implications of prenatal TGC. The TGC delivery methods varied among studies, but results consistently revealed positive responses, most notably patient satisfaction. Conclusions: Further use and research of TGC are needed to better understand the social implications of this service delivery model for prenatal populations. This information is essential to guide clinical care for prenatal populations.