Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)


Advocacy in Childhood Obesity: Examining Adolescent Girls' Perspectives of Childhood Obesity through Photovoice

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Spring 2015


This poster contains the findings of a study where researchers explored adolescent girls' perspectives of environmental influences on childhood obesity using Photovoice and implications for counselor advocacy. Photovoice is a participatory action research method developed by Wang and Burris (1997) to capture an issue from the lens of those affected, and to influence social policy in that area, which in this case is childhood obesity. As counselors are called by ethical code to “advocate at individual, group, institutional, and societal levels to address potential barriers and obstacles that inhibit access and/or the growth and development of clients” (ACA, 2014, p.5), the presenters will address how counselors can used the findings from this study to advocate on this issue as it affects many clients.

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