Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)

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Spring 2015


Self-monitoring of energy intake is a critical element of a successful weight loss plan. However, current methods to monitor energy intake are cumbersome and prone to under reporting. The present study examined how individuals used a new energy intake monitoring tool, the Bite Counter to adjust their eating behavior to a targeted bite limit. Data were collected from 30 female participants examining their compliance with using the device as well as their adherence to eating limits based on bite count. Three distinct compliance personas were developed based on the shared behaviors and traits of device users: Committed Cathy (the rapid adopter, seldom misses tracking eating activities), Reluctant Rita (often forgets device, always has an excuse) and Negative Nancy (will not wear or use the device). These personas will inform future experimenters on how to improve usage instructions in order to increase participant compliance with using technology-based eating behavior monitoring tools.