Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)

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Spring 2015


Disasters have unpredictable and deleterious impacts on modern societies. While recent operations management research has increasingly focused on disaster operations, only a few studies have examined the recovery phase of post-disaster operations. This research presents an overview of Disaster Operations Management as well as an empirical study using econometrics analysis to examine the recovery phase of post-disaster operations. The results suggest that when resources are scarce, at a strategic level we need to understand where to begin when planning the recovery process. This study is an exploratory analysis of the question of how flooding affects per capita income in areas with different levels of industrialization. We developed multiple regression models using panel data from Thailand to examine this effect, finding that flooding in a previous year has a positive effect on areas with a low level of industrialization, but a negative one on highly industrialized areas, meaning the residents of the latter are affected differently. Our results suggest the level of industrialization impacts the effectiveness of the recovery process. Finally, we discuss the implications of the study as well as suggestions for future research.