Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)

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Spring 2015


Here we present initial experiments towards an integrated platform for single cell selection, manipulation and lysis. An array of polarized conical carbon electrodes can be dipped in a cell culture, trap cells of interest using dielectrophoresis and transport them to specific locations where they can be lyzed electrically to extract intracellular components from targeted particles over specific locations. What we contribute in this work is modeling of the electric field and its gradient around carbon cones, as well as initial cone fabrication results. Ongoing work is on demonstrating cell trapping and lysis using these conical electrodes by only varying the magnitude and frequency of their polarizing AC signal. Here we use conical carbon electrode to trap volumes to keep a single particle in place and yields strong enough electric fields for lysing once the cell is on top of a specific location. Electric Gradient of the range of 1015 m*kq2 /(s6*A2 )can be used to trap single cell. COMSOL Modeling dictate the use of structures (height 30 um) with tip of 45 degrees to obtain a 10 um3-volume to allow for manipulation and lysis of a single yeast cell.