Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)

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Spring 2015


This exploratory study, and research based creative project explores the analog synthesizer world with focus on organizational structure and perception of social identity. The study will be based on the question of how analog synthesizer enthusiasts share their common artistic and technological beliefs, patterns of practice, ritual, symbolism and meaning but will also address the ways the members communicate and what channels of communications are preferred. The project will yield two tangible products, a documentary film that will explore the environment of the scene and take a closer look at member’s practices and behavior and a scholarly paper that is based on field observations and interviews as well as the researcher’s experience. This research project aims to not only bridge the disciplinary gap between performing arts, technology and communication but also will be a contribution to existing explorations of the synthesizer scene. While there are studies and documentaries that are purely focused on the technology, history and artistry, this study will extend the conversation by exploring the organization of the social group, and their perception of identity and channels of communication.