Forestry and Natural Resources

Pond Maintenance: Dredging

Clemson Extension Program Team

Natural Resources - Water Resources

Publication Date

Fall 10-22-2022

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LGP 1153


Dredging is often one of the larger projects a pond owner may consider; successful projects require careful planning and frequently involve hiring a professional experienced in planning, permitting, and completing similar work. This article will provide an overview of dredging considerations for recreational or farm ponds and is intended to inform pond owners, professional pond managers, and water resource professionals. The scope of this article is limited to returning a farm or recreational pond to original conditions by removing non-contaminated sediment; additional regulations likely apply to projects that expand or modify a pond, to dredging within stormwater or industrial ponds, or if any contamination is present or suspected.

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Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension

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Clemson, SC

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pond owners, professional pond managers, water resource professionals