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This Creative Inquiry, Generation and Characterization of Radiation in Biomedical Applications, fuses two scientific disciplines, physics and bioengineering, seeking a common goal. Students under Dr. Takacs and Dr. Dean, including a doctoral candidate, are designing experiments to irradiate various biomaterials, including proteins and cancer cells, with monochromatic x-rays between 1000 eV to 15000 eV, and then study the results of those interactions. This specific creative inquiry's (PHYS 2990-005 and BIOE 4510-025) goal for this semester is to further understand x-ray interactions with matter, specifically biomaterials. The bioengineering students are devising specific ways to cultivate certain proteins and cell cultures, and the physicists are designing parameters for the experiments, including the production and spectroscopy of x-rays. Several of the experiments will also be utilizing Clemson's EBIT (electron beam ion trap, one of two in the country) as one of the sources for such radiation. With so little data collected using instrumentation of this precision, we feel that even our short-term goals will have far reaching implications.