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This project presents and focuses on a sample of apps resulting from a novel and successful mobile device software development course taught at Clemson University. Today's smartphones are filled with ample features. This presents a challenge for a student wanting to learn about developing mobile apps. At Clemson University, a senior/first year graduate-level course uses a novel approach to deliver the course content. This poster briefly describes the course. The software development course uses a novel teaching technique called "open collaboration." The course is divided in two sections; the first section is common to all students wherein students are required to complete a set of four assignments that help them get acquainted to the platform. When students finish the common set of assignments they work on a project. Using this novel approach we were able to develop variety of apps like The Strawberry and Peach Project, Firefly Counter, Clemson Tour for Android, mHealth app, Virginia Woolf app, Touch-Calc app."